Transcribed Natures group show

“Transcribed Natures” Final Friday group show curated by Ken Boe Petersen, May 25, 2012, 416 S. Commerce, Wichita KS.

Show statement by Ken Boe Petersen:

Some artists may be content to imitate nature, while some may come to see themselves as artist-agents of nature in their own right; that art may be a simultaneous act with/in nature, not just up against it. This exhibition is intended to be a quasi-curated transliteration of that question regarding the artist’s relationship to nature in a very open-ended manner.

In this group show the artists’ works range from the sublimely modern yet beautiful landscape paintings of Lisa Grossman; the story-telling landscape photography of the Flint Hills, by Mark Feiden; to the more abstract nature of artwork by artists as diverse as the Sculptor Bill McBride, Kent T. Williams, Lee Shiney, and myself, Ken Boe. Of particular interest will be Bill McBride’s mostly free standing sculptures, which will walk the visitor through the different environs of the greater 2-D ecosystem of the exhibit.

It was in my conversation with the Bill McBride concerning his work’s relationship to nature that we came back to the notion that for both of us, two artists manipulating found objects that themselves have been manipulated by nature’s elements, found ourselves in union with that inner process of nature, not just merely following it.

But this is not to the exclusion of imitation in art. It seemed entirely necessary to include artists doing representational art of the landscape, to complete this circle. No matter how abstract our own natures, the love of that larger nature of Self/Earth/Universe includes the ancient human symbolization of it as much as its modern detachments: The man-made object – subjected to the entropy of rust, weather, wear, and disintegration back into the landscape; or the mere splattering of pigment according to her gravity.