Kansas, Abstracted. – solo show

Artist statement for “Kansas, Abstracted.” Solo show at The Merc, 901 Iowa St., Lawrence, KS, July 1 – August 3, 2012.

Genesis 5 lists the lineage from Adam to Noah, memorable to me for its repetitive, archaic use of “begat.” In that chapter a visual picture of people is painted of the continuum of family history stretching from, literally, the beginning of time to end. I contemplate this because in my studio, one painting process begets another.

A parallel narrative to this esthetic reproductive process is the one of extracting a visual history from my own head. Much of that history is wrapped up in rural Kansas where I spent plenty of time on tractors and combines, going around and around. There was time to think, under a big sky with a horizon all the way around.

These landscapes are that four-way intersection of looking ahead and looking back, and balancing the tangible and intangible. My art-process evolution is a vector of exploring and experimenting with new mediums and equipment. It is appropiate that the search for visual material brings me back to basics and back to my own history. Back to where I belong.

Lee Shiney is a full-time painter and kinetic sculptor living and working near Wichita, KS. His solo show “Taut” is running concurrently at OfficePort in Kansas City during July. He was in the three-man “InterACTIVE” exhibition at the Wichita Art Museum from 2008 to 2010, is a mentor artist for Wichita Art for Arthritis, and is a teaching artist for Arts Partners Wichita.