S5 Title System. (Day 151)

Named with the S5 Title System

Cubicle Art named with the S5 system

A while back I developed a little system for naming certain artworks I make. Everyone seems to want titles for artwork…except me. On some work, like the recent landscape series, I have seen the light and put some thought into representative titles, like this piece titled “Tallgrass”. But this is not about those titles.

I would prefer, of course, for artwork to stand on its own two legs. As a compromise, what I’m doing is titling small work that used to simply be given a catalog number. I located a Scrabble word list for all five-letter words, then printed it off. As I use a word, it gets crossed off. With 9,200 words, give or take, it will last a while.

It was something of an inside joke. This whole story probably doesn’t sound particularly interesting, but it took a small jump forward today when I officially named it the “S5 Title System” (Scrabble-5-Words.) Creating some new, small work segued into artist statement sheets to go with them, which segued into needing to explain the titles. It’s a marketing exercise. And now it’s official.