Build A Better Mousetrap. (Day 93)

You were expecting a metaphor? No. It’s fall, and I found myself needing to “build a better mousetrap,” for real. This DIY mousetrap hack is so effective – true story – I once caught two mice at the same time in one.

Build a Better Mousetrap

Take one standard issue mousetrap (this one is from Menard’s.) I prefer the ones with a metal food clip instead of plastic, but that’s only because I found plastic to be a bit trigger-happy. Drill a small hole in the food clip and from underneath, screw on a small electrical alligator clip. I drilled a hole through the wooden base for a small screwdriver to fit through, to make it easier to attach the alligator clip. You’ll see the screw sticking through on the left side of the alligator clip.

In the jaws, in the photo on the right side of the clip, you’ll see it is also wired on solidly. In lieu of that, you could glue the clip on. Experiment and be creative. When all of this is done, I like to glue the whole mouse trap onto a length of yardstick or cardboard to make it easier to position when it’s set, and to retrieve. Add a piece of hard old cat food or dog food in the jaws. Blammo.

The trick to building the better mouse trap, of course, is in the alligator clip. It holds a chunk of hard food they have to really get their teeth into, and by then it’s too late. Humane? Discuss amongst yourselves. Me, I don’t like mice running around the house. The end.