Boom. (Day 0)

One thousand one hundred days ago I started a blog focused on a milestone of a birthday. I can’t say I had a clear idea of where it was going, but I expected some benefits along the way and maybe at the end. Mostly those good things were to be artwork-making related, with some other tangential things thrown in for good measure.

Well, the eleven hundred days ended on December 19, 2012. Some of what I learned about the work of making art:

  1. Ideas require execution, or they are worth absolutely nothing.
  2. If you shut up, it’s easier to keep listening and looking.
  3. Teaching art to elementary-age students is about as rewarding as it gets.
  4. Distractions kill productivity.
  5. Avoid negative people.
  6. Wichita is a pretty good place to build a body of work.
  7. Follow a schedule.
  8. Do your best possible work; raise the bar every day.
  9. If you skimp on supplies or effort, it shows.
  10. 60 is the new 40.

That is not all, but it is a start.