A hazard of introversion.

I’ve seen a handful of things that terrified me. A couple stand out for this purpose: one was that airplane thing that went into space on a test flight that was shown live on TV (name escapes me but it was connected to Richard Branson.) The thing started its descent and tumbled for what seemed like forever before being corrected and landed safely by the pilot. The other was Felix Baumgartner spinning in his free-fall from a balloon in near-space before, again, correcting the spin and landing safely. Tumbling out of control…

815 minutes, 61 Cygni, and 873 minutes.

In preparation for my exhibition at The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs, I was lucky enough to sit down with co-owner Ton Haak to discuss the details. My ulterior motive, though, was to share my concerns that I was stuck in a rut and felt pretty much like Felix in freefall. Except that Felix has nerves of steel and I have nothing of the sort. Ton said simply that I should do what I love and not worry about what people think. Advice I already knew, but it was good to hear it from a professional, from an expert. The tumbling stopped and the show pleases me.

Some of my best work has come from collaborations, and simply just pushing out of introversion. One of the results is this show at Pioneer Bluffs. Visit if you can.

[ Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs website ]

“Round and Round,” at The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs. In conjunction with opening shows by Bill McBride and Gerco de Ruijter. Opening reception Saturday, March 30, 2-5pm (beginning with a talk by Bill McBride at 1pm.) The shows continue through June, 2013. The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs is off the Cassoday Kansas turnpike exit, located between Cottonwood Falls and Matfield Green on the K-177 Scenic Byway.