Full circle.

I began painting seriously in 2002. The details of why it took me so long to get started aren’t relevant to this topic, but the materials are. Lacking money and seeking an alternative to the usual suspects of materials, the first of those pieces were made with reclaimed pallet lumber and painted with latex paint. I painted by dripping paint from paper funnels, and the funnels were attached to strings that were attached to various types of cast-off clocks. The clockworks reeled in the string, moving paint funnels that were suspended from the ceiling. The Automatic series was born.

A set up for making the Times Series paintings.Because of the philosophy behind the process, and because it was essentially where I started, I’ve always wanted to return to that process. I finally gave myself permission to do this recently with two new works in the Timed Series.

Here, the process was not about attempting to make pretty pictures, but mark the passage of time. And true to its origins, the Timed Series uses reclaimed pallet lumber and cast-off latex paint from Lowe’s and Home Depot.