Artapalooza 2013

Auction update: Sold for $650 on April 24, 2013.

“Inversion,” 30×48″, acrylic on canvas.

It is not every day I set out to paint an entire painting in two hours. There are very sound reasons to not do this, including the luxury (or necessity) of living with the piece for a while to be sure it sufficiently passes muster.

However, Artapalooza 2013 made a very sound case for doing the exact opposite. This benefit for The Independent School’s Fine Art program included me painting a piece from start to finish during the event. Whatever I gave up in tweakability was offset by being able to exhibit not just work, but the process. This was a very enjoyable evening of explaining techniques, fielding questions about what goes on inside my head, and otherwise just talking with art patrons who truly understand the value of the arts in education.

Pictures of the event are here on my Facebook page.