Mark making.

Roomba Robot Drawing

We all have our definitions of art, but often, art is simply about making one mark after another. On one end of that continuum might be photo-realist painting. On the other, is this.

This is mark-making fueled by process. The purpose is to explore the ways that marks are being created, and influence those marks by using outside forces that have no part of any handheld brush or pen. This is robotics on a very basic level, because I look for ways to alter those marks by using devices of my own creation that are often made from available parts. Usually I am completely focused on the process of experimentation, and in this way art becomes very similar to science. Think of it as a form of scientific inquiry; forming hypotheses, testing, and coming to a conclusion. Then repeating.

Admittedly, this process of experimentation is going to be somewhat influenced by what I see after marks are made. As such, it’s not perfectly on the end of that mark-making continuum. But I hope it is close.

Automatic Art: A Gallery of Robotic Activity
With Remnants by RJ and Patrick Andrew Adams
August 2, 2013, 5-9pm
Department Zero
111 W 20th, Kansas City, MO