Event Horizon at Watermark Books.

Mamamamamamamama mad mad mad.
Mamamamamamamama mad mad mad.

A song appears on my horizon. It sticks with me. It chases me down occasionally, reinforcing its stickiness, to where periodically its lazy electronic beat just pops into my head. Its irony comes in multiple doses. The title: “Madness.” The group: Muse. The first line of the lyrics: “I can’t get these memories out of my mind.” It breaks the record for longest stay at No. 1 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs radio airplay chart. Apparently it sticks with some other people, too.

So, fittingly, I’m still looking at the horizon, that thing that’s stuck in my head. I’m still working at it. It’s comfortingly stuck there for good; imprinted from all of those tractor driving hours-days-weeks-months-years.

Some of this exhibition is building on previous mechanically-built painting concepts. This I love because it’s my history. This is acknowledging that a painting is, indeed, not a 2D object, and thus allowing its physicality to be part of a living breathing experience; the antithesis of a printed image in a coffee table book.

Some of these works are logical progressions with the 105 Horizons project. This I also love, because it’s my future. I’m working my way through an idea, and everyone goes along for the ride. I do not know where this is going, but it has a direction and a life.

There’s a method to this madness, I think. I hope. And I thank you for letting me haul it out into public again for a look.

Mamamamamamamama mad mad mad.
Mamamamamamamama mad mad mad.

Opening reception, Final Friday, September 27, 6-8pm
Continuing through October 22, 2013
Watermark Books, 4701 E. Douglas, Wichita KS