Ducks in a row. *SOLD*

You may know that in January, my wife and I purchased a school. After a summer of getting things up to speed, finally, it’s time for artwork making and marketing. To that end, I’m testing this page with one of the gee-wizardry things to sell stuff. This is one of my latest cardboard pieces from 2013, and yes, this is very inexpensive, but it’s a test. Should you happen to snag it, congratulations. It’s available for pickup only at my Kechi, KS studio/residence, so there is no shipping added. Ducks in a row.

Yawls, $30.00.

Yawls, corrugated board, $30.00.
Built on a substrate of layers of corrugated board (cardboard) these works have a base coat of graffiti spray paint followed with acrylic paint. Their calligraphic feel comes from a technique I call “automatic writing.” This work measures 13 inches in diameter and 2.25 inches thick.