Blending art and science with robots.

A 3-4 session Arts Partners-Wichita residency that blends the lines between engineering and art. Follow the links below to view the drawing robots in action, and to learn how our Arts Partners residency can visit your classroom.

This program was developed jointly in 2010 by Lee Shiney and Tom McGuire with a grant by Spirit Aerospace and the MetLife Foundation, through Arts Partners Wichita. Using the metaphor of three legs, the residency uses a multidisciplinary approach to blend engineering and art in grades 3-5.

With the departure of Tom McGuire in 2013 to teach full time at Wichita State University, the program will be presented by the husband/wife team of Lee and Lajean Shiney. Lajean Shiney brings 29 years of elementary education experience in grades 3-5 mostly in USD 259 in Wichita, Kansas.

Arts Partners Video

More information at Arts Partners-Wichita

Tom McGuire is an instructor at Wichita State University, and an artist who specializes in kinetic sculptures. For several years, he participated in the City of Wichita’s Fifth Grade Sculpture Project designed to help students to produce a piece of public art for their school. His background in electrical engineering also enabled him to design and build the computer-driven machine that cuts the parts for the 3 Legged Robot.


Lee Shiney is a professional painter, photograper, and kinetic sculptor. His work includes large iconic circle paintings, and he builds hand-made machines and tools that are used in analog generative art processes. Both he and Tom (along with fellow artist Christopher Gulick) created and installed, in 2008, the two-year-long “InterACTIVE” exhibition at the Wichita Art Museum in Wichita, Kansas. In 2012 Lee and Lajean Shiney began the open-ended project titled “105 Horizons” where they travel throughout Kansas, photographing, documenting, and experiencing the uniqueness of the state’s counties. Lee then translates those experiences into paintings in the studio.